About Shamsi Brinn

As a UX Lead I work at the intersection of design and development, with healthy doses of research and data management thrown in. I strive to discover what drives a brand experience and harness those insights into growth-minded actions.

Out of the office I work on the No-Handoff Agile method that helps designers and coders stop throwing their work over the fence. No-Handoff is a passion project that grew out of my own pain collaborating across these two very interconnected disciplines. I asked a question that I and my fellow team members faced every day: how can developers and designers become more integrated and better support each other’s work?

Standing on the shoulders of giants, the no-handoff method embraces the core elements of agile thinking and applies them to teamwork across development and design.

Leave project handoff behind with the no-handoff method.

No-handoff is a fluid, ongoing method developing within a culture of learning. Use it, change it, share your insights. I hope it’s useful to you. Lets make project handoff a thing of the past!

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