Everything is design. And all design is behavior.

“I think as time goes on, physics discovers what artists are already painting or doing.” Mary Corse Similarly, web development is slowly discovering the techniques artists employ. Instead of sketching we employ iterative rapid development techniques. Rather than striving for beauty we strive for reduced user friction. The goal of good art is a satisfying …

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More examples of no-handoff!

Project handoff is often compared to throwing your work over the fence for the next team to catch. Handoff is a near-universally loathed period of inefficiency and frustration baked into the waterfall method. Agile has made revolutionary strides towards better integrated teams and more frequent communication. However in practice I find that the divisions between …

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All that glitters

MUSE represents some of the most in-demand jewelers in the world to the US market. The MUSExMUSE website represents their first time selling direct to consumers. When our firm was approached to build their custom ecommerce site I realized their rich potential for long tail organic search results. Due to their exclusive relationships with many …

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